Once There Was a Girl

Once there was a girl:

Who was filled with insecurities

Who broke the rules and struggled with temptation

Who had her heart broken

Who felt unloved

Who had big dreams that slowly slipped away

Who never felt good enough, pretty enough or talented enough

Who struggled to find her place

Who felt lost

Who felt unheard

Who felt lonely

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Until she met a Man:

Who loved that girl so much that despite living a sinless, perfect life was willing to die on a cross and rise from the dead, taking her sin and shame and trading it for His righteousness.

As she gets to know that Man she learns that she is:

A child of God




Fearfully and wonderfully made

Created for a purpose


A citizen of Heaven

More than a conquerer



Never alone

There once was a girl who didn’t know who she really was until she met that Man who changed her life forever.

(This post is part of the weekly Five Minute Friday link-up)

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